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For too long, wealth management has been out of reach for most retirement plan participants.

ManagedPlan will change that. Forever.

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The ManagedPlan® program includes:

  • Fiduciary oversight
  • Sophisticated recordkeeping and administration
  • Access to institutional quality investment strategist managed account portfolios
  • Technological innovation that allows you to see your retirement plan accounts on your wealth management platform
  • Simplicity in managing retirement plans efficiently and effectively
  • Seamless bridge to your wealth management practice

Outsource your fiduciary responsibility under the 3(38) safe harbor to Envestnet Retirement Solutions

Envestnet Retirement Solutions is the 3(38) investment manager and provides investment management and investment advisory services to retirement plan sponsors and plan participants. As a 3(38) fiduciary, Envestnet Retirement Solutions helps ensure the plan's fiduciary responsibilities are being met. In this capacity, Envestnet Retirement Solutions is responsible for selecting, monitoring, and benchmarking the various investment offerings available in the plan.

Institutional-quality investment strategist portfolios at your fingertips

You get access to hundreds of low-cost mutual funds from the nation’s leading mutual fund companies, all pre-screened by Envestnet Retirement Solutions. In addition, select risk-based managed account portfolio solutions from well-known investment strategists, allowing you to mirror lineups from wealth management to retirement plans.

Sophisticated recordkeeping from

Benefit from recordkeeping and administrative services by PCS Retirement with consultative account opening support and optional 3(16) plan administrator services available. Custody assets through AdvisorTrustTM and utilize state of the art retirement plan benchmarking and prospecting tools via the AdvisorLab®.

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